Crowns Specialist

Robert Strain, DDS

Dentist & Implant Dentist located in Prescott, AZ

Years of wear-and-tear can leave you with weak teeth, tooth discoloration, decay, and even tooth loss. But thanks to Rob Strain, DDS, in Prescott, Arizona, your smile can be restored. Dr. Strain offers dental crowns to patients who want to cover up imperfections or strengthen their smile. Call Rob Strain, DDS, or book an appointment online today for more information.


What is a dental crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over your existing tooth to cover imperfections such as tooth decay, weak or cracked teeth, a broken tooth, severe discoloration, and more. Crowns also protect damaged teeth from infection and injury. As seamless dental restorations, crowns cover the entire tooth down to the gum line, so they look and feel identical to your missing teeth.

What are dental crowns made out of?

Dr. Strain offers several long-lasting, durable dental crown material options at his Prescott office, including:

IPS e.max® crown

IPS e.max crowns are all-ceramic crowns made with lithium disilicate. They are seamless once placed and color match to your tooth shade perfectly. What sets IPS e.max apart from alternative ceramic crowns is that they are very strong, durable, and long-lasting. IPS e.max crowns can also be fabricated quickly. They are created using digital impressions, rather than putty impressions.

Feldspathic porcelain crown

Feldspathic porcelain crowns are ideal for patients looking for the most aesthetically pleasing dental crown possible. Most dentists believe Feldspathic porcelain is the most beautiful dental restoration material. It is best suited for front teeth that others see when you smile, as porcelain is not as strong as alternative materials.

Zirconia crown

Made out of light-colored ceramic known as zirconium oxide, zirconia crowns are actually part of the titanium family. Not only are they beautiful and natural looking, but zirconia crowns are also one of the strongest dental restoration materials available. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, zirconia crowns are manufactured in Dr. Strain’s office, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your new smile.

How are dental crowns placed?

Once you choose the right dental crown option for your unique needs, Dr. Strain must take scans and X-rays to prepare for the restoration. Next, the tooth and the surrounding gums are anesthetized to help you feel as comfortable as possible. The affected tooth is then filed down to make room for your new crown.

After the tooth is fully prepared, Dr. Strain takes an impression to create your perfect dental crown. Depending on the type of crown you choose, you can either wait for your crown to be created same-day in the office or return for a second visit after it has been fabricated in an outside lab. If you must wait, Dr. Strain fits you for a temporary crown.

Finally, the temporary crown is removed to prepare for your permanent restoration. When the crown looks perfect and natural, it is cemented into place, becoming a permanent fixture in your mouth.

With more than 35 years of experience, Dr. Strain has the expertise to completely transform your smile. Call Rob Strain, DDS, or book an appointment online today to learn more about the dental crown process.