Case Type 4 – Direct repair of a single front tooth with bonding


Case Type 4 – Direct repair of a single front tooth with bonding

Problem: This boy had a large portion of one upper front tooth broken off in a playground accident. A smaller portion of the adjacent upper front tooth was also chipped.

Solution: The boy’s mother sought out the skills of a American Academy if Cosmetic Dentistry member dentist. Particular attention was given to maintaining the vitality of the fractured tooth. Then the tooth was rebuilt by Dr. Strain in multiple layers to match the varying layer colors of the dentin and enamel of the natural tooth. Then the tooth was shaped and contoured prior to polishing. The highly textured finished tooth matched the natural teeth extremely well, which may be the main reason this case was selected for publication in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Note to other dentists: You can see eruption of upper cuspids between before and after images. This is because another dentist referred by the patient’s school insisted that the patient wait a few months to see if the fractured tooth remained vital. Despite my wish to restore the tooth immediately after lip healing, we went with the mother’s wishes.

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