Case Type 3 – Tooth replacement (upper front tooth).


Case Type 3 – Tooth replacement (upper front tooth).

Problem: This young woman’s front tooth was damaged in an accident and extracted in another city. In these situations it is helpful for the restoring dentist to have control from the outset.

Solution: A plan was developed to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. Because the space for a replacement tooth was larger than the adjacent front tooth and because the patient asked to have larger lateral incisors, the plan was modified to include four front teeth. Working with a skilled surgeon who placed the dental implant, Dr. Strain developed the tissue form for the implant supported tooth and modified the gum contours around the other front teeth. Finished restorations were not placed until the gum tissues were fully developed. To get such a pleasing result can take 12 months or more.

Notes to other dentists: Managing the tissue inflammation on tooth #8 was a major problem. A variety of techniques, including fine scaling and antimicrobial therapy were marginally effective. The tooth had had a root canal following an earlier accident, and with a such a high lip pull the labial tissue were dryer than normal. Note that there are only three lower incisors.


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